Ophthalmology specializes in care of the eyes to improve vision as well as diagnose and treat disease. Ophthalmology procedures performed at The Surgery Center at United Medical Park include:

Our specialties include:
  • Remove Cataract, insert Lens
  • Remove Cataract, Insert Lens with Iris Hooks
  • Revise Upper Eyelid
  • Retinal detachment repair

Learn more about how The Surgery Center at United Medical Park offers high quality surgical care and positive patient outcomes at a lower cost.

Ophthalmology Physicians
Peter Rhee, MD

Education University of Chicago in …

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Michael Puk, MD

Education University of Iowa Carver …

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Thomas Petrie, DO

Education Des Moines University; Des …

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Daniel Miller, MD

Education University of South Carolina …

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Benjamin Mason, MD

Education Bachelor of Science degree …

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